• http://www.showcasemarketing.com/ideablog/ Bill Freedman

    Well articulated—thanks Craig.

    I used to say such things as a consultant to start up clients and, as expected, they don’t want to hear it. Reality is a bitter and hard pill to swallow.

    I’ve changed my tune–a little. What I say now is you have to crawl before you walk before you run. Think of your first investments as experiments rather than guaranteed success. If you try 5 things, you’ll get 5 different conversion rates and costs per lead. These will qualify/disqualify at different rates with sales. These are your benchmarks to beat. Your first programs should be about learning what may work: finding the right offer, audience, message and medium can take time. Working with sales on follow up messaging is also worthy of experimentation.

    I recommend focusing not on the absolute cost per lead or sale, but learning how to measure results and improve the efficiency in every step from awareness, to click to conversion to qualification to opportunity, to win. This flavor of reality is easier to swallow.

  • Chris Isham

    Great article, Craig.

    It is all about setting expecations.