Google Apps Calendar Hack: How to Let Prospects and Customers Schedule Time on Your Calendar

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest author Aaron Diek figured out a hack to turn his Google Apps Calendar into a appointment scheduler. Pretty awesome.  

This article explains how to use Google Apps Calendar to avoid the problem of having to go back and forth to schedule a meeting.  Nothing’s worse than offering a meeting time, not hearing back for a day or two or three, and then having the person accept it, only to realize you’ve booked someone else in the mean time.

My signature line looks like this:

1sig line

This signature makes it easy for other Google users to schedule directly on my calendar.  When they click schedule an appointment, they’re taken to my calendar with the list of possible appointments they can book.

Once it’s booked, an invite is sent to both of us.  Let’s show you how it’s done:

Note: You must have GoogleApps for this to work; furthermore for people to schedule on your calendar, they’ll have to be using Google for scheduling as well.

Step 1: Create an appointment calendar. 

You can’t create an appointment slot by clicking on the ‘Create’ button on the top-left-hand corner of the calendar.

3not-createInstead, you need to click onto a time slot on the calendar, and change the slot from an ‘Event’ to ‘Appointment Slot’. Type in a name for your appointment slot – something that will look good for every appointment slot, and then click ‘Edit details’.

Google Calendar Hack
Now you want to make sure this appointment will recur at regular intervals on your calendar, so on the Edit Details page you will want to make the event repeat itself.

Google Calendar Hack

Select the days that you want it to appear on your calendar every week, and the number of weeks you want it to recur for.  The default will be that it never ends.  Save the repetition rules, fill out the rest of the Appointment Slot with generic information that will apply to all of your appointments:

Sales, sales email

Then make sure you save your event, and you’re done with that recurring appointment slot.

I recommend that you make a number of recurring meetings throughout the day and stagger them across the week, so, say, Monday, Wednesday and Friday you have appointments at 9am, 10:30am, 1pm and 4pm, whereas on Tuesday and Thursday you have time at 11am, 12:30pm, and 2pm.  It helps to make your calendar look like you’re not just wide open…Here’s what my calendar looks like:

Sales Calendar

Step 2: Get the Link to your Calendar

To get the link to your Appointment Calendar, click on one of the slots you’ve created and select ‘Edit Details’.  On the details page you will see an unwieldy URL that Google assigns to your calendar.  Copy that.Google Calendar Hack

Step 3: Insert the Link into your Email Signature

Now that you’ve got this, you can go into your mail settings and edit your signature link to include a link to your calendar. 9settings

Email Signature

Step 4: Your Appointment times are available to all

Whenever you send an email out to clients and prospects, it will be included, making both of your lives easier because they can go ahead and sign up for a time that is mutually convenient.

Sales Emails 

Good luck!
Aaron Diek

Today’s Author: Aaron Diek, Senior Account Executive at Radius – I am fascinated by sales and go-to-market strategies, and get my kicks figuring out the best way to get something done. Based in Berkeley, CA, I’ve trained sales teams from California to Croatia, selling everything from cups and furniture to online marketing and SaaS products.

  • Ian Adams

    That’s a great tip Aaron. How comfortable are people with booking appointments this way? Seems like a huge time saver, just wonder whether folks take action on it.


    • Aaron Diek

      Hey Ian,

      Thanks for your question. I book a few appointments a day using this feature. Most of them give positive feedback and ask how to do it – hence this article. And a number of my customers have begun to use it regularly to schedule check-ins with me. That said, it doesn’t work for non-Google users, so it won’t work for everyone. Hope this helps!

      • Ian Adams

        Yes, that’s great. Makes sense, thanks Aaron.

  • s85

    Hey Aaron – great tip and directions. This may be a silly question, but is there a way to make sure other events on the calendar are hidden when the appointment link is used?