About the Funnelholic

12 Things you Need to Know about the Funnelholic
  1. You can reach me using the “Ask the Funnelholic” popup box in the bottom right corner of this page.
  2. My name is Craig Rosenberg
  3. I built this blog to have fun talking about all things revenue.
  4. I am the editor of this blog and do most of the posts
  5. I am the co-founder of TOPO
  6. TOPO  is a research, advisory, and consulting firm that helps sales and marketing organizations exceed their revenue targets.
  7. I won’t use this blog to talk about my private life – we can talk about that when we meet
  8. You can follow me on Google+
  9. You can check out my profile on my linkedin.com
  10. Oh, and I would follow me on Twitter, all the cool kids to do it.
  11. I do product briefings for sales, marketing, and social products.
  12. Let me know if you need any help with the following:
  • Demand generation – strategy, process, and planning
  • Sales, social selling, sales process and sales strategy
  • Content marketing, content strategy
  • Messaging, value prop development, messaging platforms
  • Inside sales, inside sales process, team building, planning, and strategy
  • Online media, online lead generation
  • Social media, social marketing, community building
  • Sales Development/lead qualification — processes, team building, planning, and strategy
  • Marketing Automation, CRM implementation and strategy
  • Nurture marketing program planning and execution.
  • Webinar production and promotion


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